Cemetech Contest #17: On Rails
Published by jonbush 7 years, 11 months ago (2016-06-21T00:31:24+00:00) | Discuss this article

At Cemetech, programming and trains are inextricably tied. As the summer rolls along, you are challenged to jump onboard Cemetech Contest #17: On Rails. For this contest, you are tasked with creating a train-themed calculator game in the calculator programming language of your choice.

Unlike the past few contests, CC17: On Rails has relatively few restrictions and an opportunity for peer review of entries. Participants are encouraged to seek help and suggestions from other members during the trip in order to encourage learning. Please document any assistance that you request or receive in the thread associated with your entry. The final game versions must be submitted to contest at this website’s domain name by August 31st.

Following the submission deadline, there will be a two week window for Cemetech members to play and vote on their favorite games. The judging panel will evaluate the code for characteristics such as coding style, optimization, and functionality. Quality of communication about the game will also be taken into account by the judging panel. Entries of contestants who demonstrably act on feedback will be judged more favorably.

Prizes for this contest have yet to be finalized; however, the contestants with top ranking entries will be offered physical prizes. More information on Contest 17 prizes will be published when a decision is made.

▪ June 20th: Contest begins; initial feedback and suggestions period
▪ August 31st: Final games submitted to Cemetech Archives
▪ September 2nd: Voting period begins
▪ September 14th: Voting period ends
▪ September 18th: Results released

▪ The game must include a train or railroad related theme.
▪ All contestants must actively maintain a topic on their entry. The topic title should be in the form “CC17: [Your Cemetech Username]”.
▪ Contestants may not release binaries until the end of the contest; however, posting short code segments is acceptable.
▪ The contest will run until August 31st, 2016, at 11:59:59pm Eastern Time. No late entries will be accepted. If multiple entries are made, only the latest one will be scored.
▪ Cemetech members may vote on their top three picks during the voting period of September 2nd through September 14th, 2016.
▪ Code judging will be performed by a team picked from among the Cemetech administrators and members; all judges are disqualified from entering the contest.
▪ The game may be be in any programming language, provided it will run on a standard graphing calculator operating system. The use of commonly available shells and libraries is also allowed.
▪ Fine print rules are available here.