TI Teases New TI-84 Plus CE Colors: Gold, ???
Published by KermMartian 7 years, 7 months ago (2016-04-19T22:23:48+00:00) | Discuss this article

TI Education has posted the teaser image below on its Facebook page, asking visitors to guess the new colors of the TI-84 Plus CE to be released in time for Back to School 2016. As you may know (and the image below certainly reinforces), the TI-84 Plus CE currently is manufactured in seven colors: red, denim, plum, denim, lightning (light blue), silver, pink, and black.

Now, TI is teasing the addition of two new colors, one of which is gold, and the other of which may (or may not) be white, thanks to a tip from our French friends. At T^3 2016, we got to see the gold TI-84 Plus CE below, which was at the time the first of its kind in general circulation. What do you think of the gold, and do you think white will be the other new color? Do you, like us, wish that there was also a translucent TI-84 Plus CE, a la the TI-83 Plus Silver Edition of yore? Are there any other TI-84 Plus CE colors you'd like to see (or current colors you think should be removed)? Let us know in the attached thread.