ArTICL SimpleI/O Demo: LEDs, Buttons, Switches, and a Motor
Published by KermMartian 8 years, 4 months ago (2016-02-11T17:30:34+00:00) | Discuss this article

If you've hung around Cemetech long enough, you're no doubt familiar with the ArTICL library that makes connecting Arduinos and MSP432 Launchpads with TI graphing calculators easy. We have demonstrated it in many forms, most recently powering a light-based Whack-a-Mole game. To further demonstrate the power of ArTICL, I've created the SimpleI/O example (source on GitHub). It uses rfdave's globalCALCnet Arduino shield with an extra pink LED, switch, button, and pager motor mounted on top. The calculator-side TI-BASIC program lets you press [F1] through [F5] (that is, [Y=] through [GRAPH]) to turn the LEDs and motor on and off, while on the Arduino side, toggling the switch or pressing the button makes the image of the switch and button on the calculator's screen do the same. I believe that this example and demo makes it a little more intuitive to the non-technical mind how the calculator and the Arduino are talking to each other. In fact, if someone finds themselves with free time and wants to experiment, I think a Mindstorms-like graphical language for controlling hardware from calculators via ArTICL could be very useful, and accessible even to our TI-BASIC programming members.

Enjoy the video of the SimpleI/O example in action below.

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