Graph3DC 1.0 Open Beta 2
Published by KermMartian 7 years, 8 months ago (2016-01-18T20:16:52+00:00) | Discuss this article

Since summer 2014, I've been working on Graph3DC, a 3D grapher for the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition. Based on the computation and rendering engine I built for Graph3DP for the Casio Prizm, it is a full-featured 3D graphing App written entirely in z80 assembly. It integrates with the TI-OS, like TI's Transformation Graphing and Inequality Graphing Apps, and thus can offer 3D graphing within the TI-OS graphing tools that students and teachers already know how to use (while leaving 2D graphing instantly available to avoid any confusion). Back in July, I released a closed Beta 1 of the tool that three Cemetech members helped me beta-test. Unfortunately, subsequent events demotivated me to continue working on this tool. I originally intended it as a demonstration of the powerful educational tools that the community can make when it has access to App keys for TI's graphing calculators, and when I heard that despite my efforts an App key for the TI-84 Plus CE would likely not be forthcoming, I ceased work on this project.

However, considering the hundreds if not thousands of hours of work that went into this project and its predecessor, Graph3DP for the Casio Prizm, it seemed only right to finish it off at last. I'm happy to present Graph3DC 1.0 Open Beta 2, available here for beta-testing by the community. I ask that you please load it onto your TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition and put it through its paces, reporting any and all bugs that you find in the attached discussion topic. I plan to release the final Graph3DC 1.0 at latest in one week, on January 25, 2016, and will subsequently be bringing it to TI's T^3 2016 as a demo.

As a reminder, among the features Graph3DC offers are the following:
  • Rendering and rotation of 3D graphs on up to a 17x17-point grid at normal resolution, or 27x27-point grid at high resolution.
  • Simultaneous graphing of up to 5 3D equations at normal resolution, or 2 3D equations at high resolution.
  • Tracing over graphs to examine the (X, Y, Z) coordinates of points.
  • User-configurable grid colors, background colors, bounds and axis display, axis labels, and more.
  • User-settable window and zoom.
  • TI-OS integration with the Y=, Window, Zoom, Trace, and Graph tools.
  • Full compatibility with horizontal splitscreen mode.

Graph3DC 1.0 Open Beta 2