Mind Controlled Calculator!
Published by merthsoft 8 years, 10 months ago (2015-01-03T17:33:17+00:00) | Discuss this article

Are you lazy like me? Have you ever wanted to control your calculator with your brain so that you didn't have to move your limbs? Well, you're in luck, because long time awesome-dude MateoConLechuga has given us the ability to do just that. Making awesome use of Kerm's ArTICL: Arduino TI Calculator Linking Library and a MindFlex headset, Mateo has given us the ability control our calculators with our squishy pink think things! Here's a video of it in action:

Now, before you get too excited, there are some obvious limitations. You won't be doing math or playing any Cat/Space games with it any time soon. Currently it reads only the attention data, and based on the discussion in the thread, fine-grained control isn't quite there yet. Even with those limitations, this is a wicked cool project! Check it out in the discussion link.

Mateo's Mind Controlled Calculator
Mateo's Mind Controlled Calculator