Projects of the Month: August 2014
Published by tifreak8x 9 years, 8 months ago (2014-09-02T00:21:29+00:00) | Discuss this article

This past month's list of projects is somewhat small, no doubt due to the amount of people working on contest entries over the last month. For those that missed it, KermMartian posted the results for Contest #12, which is why we won't be going into the contest projects in this month's posting.
  • nKaruga: Matref has gone through and given the game some additional updates! He's added a pretty awesome looking GIANT LASER OF DOOM, and apparently gotten most of the first chapter completed, except for the final boss. Check out the topic for a myriad of awesome screenshots and a download link for the latest update.
  • Robot War 2: The Bionic Wars: Dianzi tian has upped the ante once again, with his RPG, showing off new animations and new functions his game holds. Apparently eating is a thing now, and is quite important for the survival of your character. Check out this topic and be wowed!
  • Maximum Security: Deep Thought has brought a final update to his little platformer game, integrating the main game and level editor into one. He has included 2 levels with the game, with the promise of others on the way. But don't you wait on him, with the level editor, you should easily be able to build your own stash of levels to share with everyone on the net.
  • Super Smash Bros Open: Hayleia has released an interesting new project in Axe, and it is fairly true to its name. As it stands now, it's a fairly simplified version, giving you one character to fight with and against, with no powerups, but the screenshot still shows off an amazing engine. The topic has a lot more information and screenshots, with a download link for you to check out, so give it a look over and let Hayleia know what you think!
  • WAti - WolframAlpha TI: ElectronicsGeek, with the assistance of geekboy and KermMartian, has gotten some nice progress going for this project! The tokenizer has been finished and there has been an overhaul of sorts. Lots of technical things that fly over my head, since I'm currently crouched down. :p Anyways, give this a look up, and see what all ElectronicsGeek has been up to with this project.
  • Boolean Logic Gate Solver: Mobutu4 has released an update to this logic gate solver for the 83+/84+/SE that fixes an apparent bug that broke the program, so if you've used this in the past, make sure you update to the latest version!
  • Libfxcg: ProgrammerNerd has been making repairs to this project that has some bugs in it. There is quite the list of information/wall of text that goes along with all this, so if you're a programmer on the Prizm calculators, you might need to see what all this offers!
  • Graph3DC: KermMartian has been working on a TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition port of his Casio Prizm 3D graphing program, Graph3DP. It's currently a work in progress, but the screenshots that have been shown are proving it is on the right track for development, offering several features already, with more to come.
  • BASIC Todo List: This is an interesting idea of a project being available for the 83+ to the CSE, that has you list things you need to do, and as you check them off you get points towards minigames. Might be worth looking into if you are one that has trouble managing time, and that todo list!
  • Updating asmin28days: This past month Jonimus and Tari made progress towards updating ASM in 28 days, the almost ultimate tutorial for learning assembly for the 83+/84+ line of calculators. Check out the topic to see what all was done this past month!
  • Eigenmath Prizm CAS: gbl08ma has been updating his CAS project for the Prizm, fixing numerous bugs and adding some better functionality to the program. Check out the topic for all the latest updates!

That's it for this month's posting!