Doors CSE 8.1 Release Candidate 2
Published by KermMartian 9 years, 7 months ago (2014-07-03T13:10:54+00:00) | Discuss this article

Five days ago, I published Doors CSE 8.1 Release Candidate 1, the first public test of the newest iteration of Doors CSE 8. Doors CSE 8.1 adds new features, new optimizations, and better stability to the popular Doors CSE 8.0. It fixes a few subtle but frustrating bugs, including some related to the Celtic 2 CSE hybrid BASIC libraries and others subtle issues with how Doors CSE interacts with the OS. The biggest new feature is the frequently-requested ability to list and run Applications (Apps), along with a host of smaller features and new xLIBC library functions. Thanks to Cemetech's members' tireless work, a number of bugs in Release Candidate 1 have been identified that I was able to track down and repair:
  • Thanks to discovering an incorrect known address for the RAM area StatVars, the values in the Stats Wizards are no longer corrupt after Doors CSE runs assembly programs.
  • Upgrading from Doors CSE 8.0 to Doors CSE 8.1 will now properly renumber your existing folders so that they don't interfere with the Apps folder.
  • Hiding programs from Doors CSE using Ans or rand no longer allows the cursor to enter blank spaces on the Doors CSE desktop.
  • Scrolling right from the last icon in a folder no longer causes the desktop to display garbage or freeze.
The same drill applies again. Please test and make sure that this release is as bug-free as possible, so Doors CSE 8 can continue to be a stable and widely-used tool on TI-84+CSEs everyway. The usual important note: as this is a release candidate and likely contains bugs, it launches with a large warning message. Please do not distribute it to your friends yet; a final Doors CSE 8.1 will be available for that soon, as barring any major problems, this will be the last release candidate before the final 8.1 release. Without further ado, download and enjoy!

Doors CSE 8.1 Release Candidate 2