Projects of the Month: June 2014
Published by tifreak8x 9 years, 10 months ago (2014-06-30T22:02:25+00:00) | Discuss this article

Last month, we introduced you to the first Cemetech Projects of the Month news feature. This new monthly post highlights the latest and great projects posted by Cemetech members and staff alike, and includes everything from recently-inaugurated experiments to completed programs. Our curated highlights from June 2014:
  • Modular CBL Program: TI and Vernier's powerful Calculator-Based Logger (CBL) hardware let you use your calculator for a host of science-related logging and analysis functions. Unfortunately, the available non-TI-Nspire software for the devices is sparse at best. CVSoft has been working and updating his CBL modular program on and off for six months. Late in June, he upgraded the abilities of the program to handle multiple sensor channels at once. There are other, smaller improvements he's working on, plus he has ideas on expanding options for displaying collected data.
  • Scogger TI: Scogger TI is a port from the Android Platform. It is a puzzle game where you steer a frog from lily pad to lily pad until you clear the waters of them. Currently on hold until more level data can be compiled. You can check out his blog here for more information.
  • xLIBC Updates: tr1p1ea has been busy applying fixes to xLIBC this past month. Firstly, the issues with Output( have been addressed. He has also added to several functions to expand upon the awesomeness that is xLIBC.
  • KnightOS Updates: Knight OS has received a game ported over to it; Phoenix by Patrick Davidson, ported by SirCmpwn. At this time, the programs still have to be built into the OS since it doesn't yet have any linking support.
  • Grammer Copter: Grammer Copter is a Flappy Bird-like game, only you fly a helicopter around the pipe openings without touching them. This was made with the Grammer 2 library, which shows off some impressive functionality!
  • Undeleter CSE: " It's just something I threw together last night because I accidentally lost my Solitaire high score in a RAM reset. | So I wrote the undeleter to get it back. | It took like 3 hours, and I was watching TV while doing it." If you have a monochrome TI-83+/TI-84+, DrDnar has an Archive Undeleter for you too.
  • Doors CSE 8.1 RC1: After many hours of poking the code with a pointy object, Kerm has released Doors CSE 8.1 RC1. This version is just a release candidate; be sure to make sure all projects are backed up before using it, as this version may contain unknown bugs. This version now allows you to run Applications, takes care of bugs within Celtic's 'read from program/appvar' function, and adds functionality with xLIBC! Give it a spin and see of you can find any bugs. If you do, make sure to post in the appropriate topic.
  • TI Image: This little project by ElectronicsGeek is a converter that converts an image into hex code usable on the 83+/84+ line of calculators. In the linked post, he shows off how well the script works by showing a before and after of the image.
  • LibHelper: Is a utility for on the calculator programmers that might do programming away from a computer, and from the knowledge base of the DCS wiki. This file shows each function that Doors CSE offers and gives a condensed description on how to each. Project was released in anticipation of Doors CSE 8.1 release.
  • Source Seekers: This homescreen based 'dungeon/looter' game was started back in May, and finished on the 12th. In this game you look for rare artifacts, and bounce between combat oriented maps, and maps where you have to solve puzzles. It has been released into the Cemetech Archives.
  • Text Editor 84+CSE: This interesting project by Unknownloner shows off the start of a text editor, meant to allow you to edit code (BASIC, and potentially others) in a faster way than the editor, while also customizing the look.
  • Pokemon Battle Factory: Well, what to say about this. Remember that time, where you were hit by a freight train? Well, this is kind of like that. Out of nowhere, a new user by the name LAT10S popped on the forum and dropped this bomb shell on us. It is a Pokemon fighting game, based off of Emerald version's Battle Factory. You get to choose from a multitude of Pokemon, all with various attacks, to fight. This game boasts amazing graphics in pretty much all things. Give it a look-see if you're into Pokemon at all!
  • Flag Database: Flags database was recently released as version 0.6, giving users access to 206 flags, sorted alphabetically by country, and a quiz function to allow you to test your knowledge of what flag goes to each country! The author (such a lazy guy) claims future updates will contain US state flags, and historical flags. We'll report if he ever does that.
  • Eigenmath Prizm: Eigenmath is a symbolic math program, available from the Mac store, on Windows, Linux, and apparently the Nintendo DS systems. gbl08ma has recently released 0.8 of his program, adding some changes and new features. If you have a Prizm and need some upgrades to your mathing abilities, give this a look!

Is your project missing? We might have decided it didn't make the cut, or we might have overlooked it. All you have to do to make sure it appears in the future is to post up your latest progress, information, and screenshots in a topic here on Cemetech about the work you are doing, and we'll see what we can do. Enjoy the list, and keep on programming!