A Brief Introduction to Better Netiquette
Published by Alex 9 years, 9 months ago (2014-05-05T01:37:43+00:00) | Discuss this article

Cemetech has seen an amazing influx of new users in the last few weeks and the staff are grateful to have everyone with us but, we've seen some practices that can be easily remedied. Please read and understand the following. All of these will henceforth be referred to as the "Official Rules." Please also see the site's Terms of Service presented during registration if you need to review them. Continue to the "A Brief Introduction to Better Netiquette" topic for the full details on what you should know as a constructive Cemetech member:
  • Searching: Please search for topics of interest. We have a Google Search bar located in the header of the site. If you need help with a problem try typing fixed, solved or another synonym and see if that helps. If not, check the dedicated topics we have "stickied" in each respective forum category and search the pages (actually using your browser to search each page for a word or two will be fastest).

  • Reporting Bugs: When posting about a bug to get help, please be as specific as possible! We can't do our job in fixing an issue unless we know everything about it. If it's a bug report for jsTIfied, the website, TokenIDE or something else we need information such as the precise version number of your browser, your OS, and steps to reproduce it.

  • Posting topics: Always check the topics before making a new one, it's possible someone had the same issue you did. Search isn't perfect and may not show relevant topics first or find them at all. If it's not in the first page or two, feel free to make a new topic. Keep in mind that when looking through our topics Cemetech has been around for a long time. We have a great many posts spanning back nearly a decade. It is general netiquette to not post in topics that are a year old or older, and your post may be either deleted or split into a new topic.

  • Finding Tools: You can also find tools and other resources nested in the "Tools" page in the navigation up top. Links in here include information about calculators (and FAQs!) as well as a link to our Wiki for Doors CS and Doors CSE.

  • Rules of Engagement: You need to make an effort. The more you help yourself the more the staff and our user base will be inclined to help you; you get out when you put in. Asking for help because you claim to be lazy or because you are on mobile isn't a valid reason. If you need help urgently, we have a chat bar to the side (click Pop-Out SAX in the footer on mobile) and you can ask but we may not be able to help out for a while. Be patient: we are all volunteers.

  • Double-Posting: When you post directly after yourself in a topic within 24 hours, it's considered double posting. Use the button in the top right portion of your post when you need to amend something. SAX will do its job and let the forum know that you updated your post. Accidental double posts will typically be merged together by admins but repeat abusers may find that their consecutive posts are being deleted without being merged.

  • Spelling and Grammar: We insist on proper spelling and grammar in posts. Laziness and "Txt-Speak" is not acceptable (plus you look unintelligent using it). After a few posts you may discover that L-O-L is automatically changed to "0x5". Our reasoning for changing the alphabetic version to the hexadecimal version partly for the sake of being nerdy but also to discourage it's ambiguous use. L-O-L is a null word in current usage and does not add to your post; read more here.

  • You and Cemetech: Cemetech is a professional site where you can expect to get courteous and helpful feedback and discussions. So, of course, make posts like you'd want to receive them, with lots of information. Include as much information as possible, summarize your findings, help others, and be constructive. Don't try to intentionally annoy people or evade the language censors. When formatting posts, be formal and educated. Use proper grammar and spelling; most popular browsers these days have spell and grammar check. Don't post in caps either.

  • SAX and IRC Chat: Our SAX and IRC channels are subject to the same rules. Keep it professional. We have various bots in the channel that add functionality. Please do not abuse these bots. Doing so will result in getting kicked from the channel and if you're doing so through SAX, your SAX privileges will be revoked. SAX is a tool that connects you directly to our Internet Relay Chat room (IRC Channel) where we are in active and related discussions (most of the time.) If an on-topic discussion is happening, be courteous, and don't nag users or staff.

We hope this advice has been helpful. We enjoy moderating Cemetech and, with your help, to maintain our "Quality-over-Quantity" mantra. If you have any questions about any of this please feel free to post under this topic. If you have private questions about some content on Cemetech please PM comicIDIOT or another admin.

Future amendments will be clearly dated (MM/DD/YY) to avoid retroactive enforcement of rules.