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jsTIfied, an online emulator for the TI-73, TI-81, TI-82, TI-83, TI-83+/SE, TI-84+/SE, and TI-84+CSE, has been steadily growing in features and popularity since the first LCD-less version booted a TI-83+ OS on December 4, 2011. One of the most popular additions has been TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition support, which made jsTIfied one of the if not the only free TI-84+CSE emulator around. In an effort to keep jsTIfied as one of the most useful graphing calculator emulators around, I have now finished a round of fixes and upgrades that make it more featureful, faster, and lighter-weight. It can run at 100% emulation speed on more platforms and browsers, and offers more tools to assembly programmers and TI-84+CSE users. Without further ado, some of the highlights of the new features:

:: Better TI-84+CSE LCD Support: One of the biggest overhauls is a rewrite of the TI-84+CSE LCD (ILI9335) emulation. The addition of an intermediate GRAM buffer made it possible to support partial images, interlacing, vertical offset, inversion, and much more. The upshot is that every TI-BASIC and ASM program currently available for the TI-84+CSE, including xLIBC programs that use half-resolution mode, can be run on jsTIfied.
:: Ability to drag-n-drop to RAM or ROM: As with other popular offline calculator emulators, you can drag-n-drop calculator files directly to RAM or Archive.
:: Debugger Upgrades: Tons of new debugger features are now available, from multiple breakpoints and memory watchpoints to an improved disassembler and read-write memory viewer.
:: Animated GIF improvements: Although the intricacies of generating animated GIFs from Javascript at a decent speed mean that jsTIfied occasionally makes poor choices in palettizing TI-84+CSE animated screenshots, it is now better able to avoid egregious errors.
:: (Much) faster emulation: With the help of relative newcomer UnknownLoner, a few structural changes to jsTIfied's z80 core have made it execute 2x-3x faster on some hardware. The upshot of this is that most users will now be able to emulate their calculators at 100% speed or even faster with jsTIfied. In addition, a "full speed" button (the lightning bolt symbol) has been added for when you want jsTIfied to execute as fast as possible.

In addition, scads of smaller tweaks and fixes have been implemented, including some necessary to support jsTIfied integration into SourceCoder 3. If you're a user, teacher, or programmer, I strongly encourage you to give jsTIfied a try and see if it's right for you. As always, bug reports and feature requests are welcomed and encouraged.

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Below: 100% emulation speed (left) and full emulation speed on a Core i5 desktop (right)