Doors CSE 8.1.2 Brings Bugfixes, Compatibility
Published by KermMartian 9 years, 5 months ago (2014-12-05T01:50:02+00:00) | Discuss this article

Doors CSE 8 is the first and currently only assembly shell for the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition, TI's flagship color z80 calculator. Built on the Doors CS 7 codebase, it lets you run any kind of TI-BASIC or assembly program, run and edit archived programs, use extra functions in TI-BASIC programs, and offers myriad additional features to make the TI-84+CSE more powerful. The most recent big update to Doors CSE was Doors CSE 8.1 in July: it brought new Hybrid BASIC functions, the ability to list and run Applications, and many bugfixes. Doors CSE 8.1.1 was subsequently released in August, and now Doors CSE 8.1.2 is available. These new updates bring the following fixes:
  • Doors CSE 8.1.1: The InsertLine Celtic 2 CSE function no longer has the potential to insert invalid data when used on or past the last line of a file.
  • Doors CSE 8.1.2: The ColorPixel ASM routine now reads the color for the drawn pixel correctly. In addition, in a major boon to TI-BASIC math programmers, all real() calls in normal TI-BASIC programs will correctly return the real part of the argument, regardless of the value entered. Previously, certain small positive integer values were incorrectly interpreted as Hybrid BASIC function calls. This change ensures that Doors CSE will not interfere with any normal non-Hybrid TI-BASIC program, including those that work with complex numbers.
Unless additional bugs or compatibility issues are discovered, the next Doors CSE release will be Doors CSE 8.2. There have already been many requests for additional Hybrid BASIC functions, and any functions that fit and are deemed widely useable will be included in Doors CSE 8.2. In addition, it is likely that CALCnet 2.2 will be included in the next Doors CSE release.

Doors CSE 8.1.2