Geekboy1011 Promoted; Cemetech Contest #13 Soon
Published by KermMartian 9 years, 6 months ago (2014-11-11T22:18:38+00:00) | Discuss this article

Over the years, Cemetech has worked hard to recruit to the Cemetech staff individuals who have combined exemplary leadership in the community with superior programming and teaching skills. As our members and staff grow and mature, people's ability to dedicate time to the site necessarily changes, so we occasionally need to bring up some fresh blood to help us with the many day-to-day tasks that keep the community running. Over the last several years, Tim "Geekboy1011" Keller has acted as an Omnimaga administrator/owner, participated in Cemetech's efforts to show off Calculator Programming and Hacking at Maker Faire, been a driving force behind our weekly Have Calc, Will Program teleconference, worked on many excellent assembly projects, and been a great friend to boot. We are very happy to introduce Geekboy1011 as our new Community Liason and z80 Assembly Moderator. In the coming months, you will likely see Geekboy1011 taking on additional responsibilities at Cemetech. I hope you'll join me in welcoming Geekboy1011 officially to the Cemetech staff!

In other news, we have been discussing the topic for Cemetech Contest #13, and we hope to announce the contest officially soon. Although we don't have a final topic to present yet, we can say that the contest will be open to TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus/TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition (BASIC/Axe/ASM), TI-Nspire (Lua), and possibly Casio Prizm (C/BASIC) programmers. The prizes will include at least one TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition and one TI-Nspire CX donated by our generous anonymous benefactor, and will probably be supplemented further. The contest will likely run from next week until the end of December, and we're looking forward to having a particularly competitive field this year. If you have any ideas for contest topics beyond what has recently been discussed, please feel free to let us know.