June Software Trifecta, Part 3: Sandpaper v1.0
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Today I am releasing the third of three key pieces of Cemetech software that have finally reached fruition this week after about two years of development. In order of release, the three programs are Doors CS 7.2 Beta 3, gCnClient 2.0, and Sandpaper 1.0. Doors CS 7.2 Beta 3 is final beta release of Doors CS 7.2, which brings new networking features to the popular calculator shell. gCnClient v2.0 is a stable, final version of the Windows/Linux/Mac OS software for connecting calculators to the internet. Sandpaper 1.0 is a completed FTP server/client for transferring files across a room or around the world.

June Software Trifecta:
Part 1: Doors CS 7.2 Beta 3
Part 2: gCnClient v2.0
Part 3: Sandpaper v1.0

This final article in the trifecta presents Sandpaper v1.0. Although I released Sandpaper v0.95 earlier this week, the previous version came out in November 2011. I began Sandpaper as a bit of a toy project to challenge myself while riding a bus up to Massachusetts and Maine to visit fellow Cemetech administrators Merthsoft and elfprince13, but it blossomed into a much larger project than I first anticipated. I entered it into the TI Concours 2011 contest and won second place in the ASM category, and continued working on it only very occasionally in the intervening two years. I'm very happy to finally have it completed and off my to-do list.

What is Sandpaper? Sandpaper v1.0 is an FTP client and server for TI graphing calculators, with two major purposes. The first is to let you transfer files between two (or more!) calculators, even if you're not close enough for a link cable. You can connect over CALCnet or globalCALCnet, connect to a remote calculator, browse the programs, groups, pictures, appvars, matrices, lists, GDBs, and strings, and send files to and from the remote calculator.
Its second purpose is to let you download (or potentially back up) files directly from and to the internet. A bridge for ticalc.org is complete, meaning you can browse the ticalc.org file archives directly on your calculator, view the contents of zip files and readmes, and then download calculator files directly from those zips onto your calculator.

Check out the video below for a demonstration of downloading files from ticalc.org using Sandpaper v1.0, and of course download the final version and give it a try. You'll need Doors CS 7.2 beta 3 to run it, and if you want to use Sandpaper with gCn, you'll also need gCnClient v2.0. Please let me know if you encounter any bugs, or if you have feedback or comments about Sandpaper.

Sandpaper v1.0