TI-Freakware's Converter
Published by tifreak8x 10 years, 8 months ago (2013-03-16T00:13:21+00:00) | Discuss this article

When the TI-84+CSE was first announced, there were a lot of mixed feelings in the community. The first bits of information garnered were that it was just a flashier 84+, a little bit of reduced memory for changes and additions made to the OS and such.

Myself, I welcomed this calculator, as this would be a calculator I'd not need to learn a lot about to program something for it. I thought first to port over my simple RPG game, Age of Darkness, but then decided against it. I didn't want TI to see that all we thought about their calculators were instruments for gaming. I wanted them to see that we do acknowledge the educational use of these machines. So I chose to port over my conversion program, TIFC, or as was known, TI-Freakware's Conversion Package. After glancing at the code, which was 4 programs and a pic var, I decided that I could do far, far better than what I had written years ago.

I started from scratch, only using the categories as my guide, and began to do some looking for conversions to add. Elfprince13 and a few others was beyond extremely helpful in this endeavor, giving me his knowledge of what conversions were used frequently and what were dead. He also helped overcome a big problem TIFC was facing before I was even halfway through: program size. By utilizing lists and an intermediate unit to convert to and from, I probably saved 8kb on this program.

As it stands right now, TIFC went from a weak 67 conversions at nearly 6kb in size, to 690 different conversions it can handle, at roughly 7500 bytes. It's all wrapped up in a single program, that uses no Lbls or Gotos what-so-ever, and is pretty darned fast and responsive on all calculator models supported, which are currently the TI-73, TI-82, TI-83, TI-83+/84+, and TI-84+CSE.

You can download them from here:

TI-73 Edition TI-82 Edition

TI-83 Edition TI-83+/84+ Edition

TI-84+CSE Edition

And a side note, yes, those are actual calculator speeds from their respective models.

I ask you to use and abuse these programs, see if you can find any bugs or mis-conversions. If you do, please feel free to report those bugs here. Check out the readme file, or the forum post to find out what all this program can do.