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Since November 2012, when Cemetech first broke the news about TI's new color-screen TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition graphing calculator, we have been working hard to organize our reference information. Though for over a decade Cemetech has provided TI-BASIC and z80 programming help (among much more), we didn't have a centralized set of reference materials pointing to our many tools and tutorials. Our new Tools and Reference page replaces the old Links button in the Cemetech header. Besides listing our webapps like the jsTIfied calculator emulator, SourceCoder TI-BASIC IDE, and United-TI forum archives, it links to reference pages for all of the Casio and TI graphing calculators we work with.

As you can see by clicking any of the calculator icons at the bottom of this article, we have collected specifications, math tutorials, and programming tutorials for the TI-83 Plus family, the TI-84 Plus family, the Casio Prizm, and (soon) the TI-89. My fellow administrators and I have worked hard to find particularly well-written topics, tutorials, and (of course) my books on each calculator's math and programming capabilities, but we need more, and we need your help. If you consider yourself a good writer and a calculator pro, we invite you to write up a good post or topic on any math or programming skill that you feel new users need to know or often look for. Any sufficiently well-written and useful item will be linked from those reference pages, and we may even find a token badge or signature bar to reward contributors. Have you found any particularly excellent external resources that we're missing? We'd love to know about those too.

To focus particular attention on our rapidly-growing resources for the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition, we are proud to introduce, an easy-to-remember way to find TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition tutorials, references, and specs. We will be paying particularly close attention to expanding this page with tutorials and guides, and we will be strongly encouraging users to contribute topics and posts on the Cemetech forum about the new calculator. We are even considering (yet another) possible re-arrangement of Cemetech's subforums to make calculator help topics easier to find. Tell your friends about, and please help us find more useful materials that our visitors need to know!

Tools and References
Index of tools and reference pages, Cemetech's reference and resource page on the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition
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