Cemetech Minecraft Server 2.0 (MC 1.7+)
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In August 2012, we started discussing the idea of a Cemetech Minecraft server. We had a powerful dedicated server for the task, and more and more Cemetechians were playing the game. For over a year, we hosted a Survival server (publicized along with our Unreal Tournament 2004 server in an October 2012 news article), but with the release of Minecraft 1.7.x, we decided to do something new. For about three weeks, a dozen hard-working Cemetech members have been creating a new map and server for Cemetech's Minecraft server. They built an expansive, beautiful spawn with modern buildings and rustic paths, a powerful world-wide railroad system, and helped me configure a variety of plugins for the most fun, safe experience possible. I'm happy to announce that the Cemetech Minecraft Server 2.0 is now open.

Cemetech's Minecraft server is PvP, using Towny, and includes an economy (or in Minecraft terms, Cemetech Minecraft Server [PVP/Towny/iConomy]. I feel strongly that a competitive PvP environment will make for fun gameplay. I've long played on other PvP servers, and I always play a defensive game, building a well-fortified town with traps, walls, and extensive farms. With the maturity and intelligence of Cemetech's userbase, I anticipate beautiful towns with excellent defenses, fun raids, and complex political intrigue. We use Towny, so if you just want to build, you can get the money to make a town, then create protected builds inside the town. Towns cost the equivalent of 2 gold ingots per real-world day, so if you hate mining, you can even create an overworld Zombie Pigman farm and collect gold from that. We urge you to hop onto mc.cemetech.net, bring all your friends, and start building. If you have suggestions about ways we could make the server even more fun, please post them here.

I want to especially thank (in alphabetical order) Abrum, AHelper, CharlesSprinkle, Chronomex, ComicIDIOT, CVSoft, Leafiness, LuxenD, Merthsoft, Pizzaboy, Rivereye, Shkaboinka, and Turiqwalrus for their help creating this new map and server. See you in Minecraft!

More Information:
Server Address: mc.cemetech.net
Cemetech Minecraft Server Dynmap