Update on TI 84+CSE Interface & Programming Capabilities
Published by elfprince13 10 years, 10 months ago (2013-01-10T01:58:12+00:00) | Discuss this article

A recently discovered page on TI's Education website has revealed new details on the interface and abilities of their upcoming color-enabled addition to the TI-8x line. The page includes guides for two classroom activities: "Coin Toss", and "Independence is the Word". Both guides include a number of screenshots, revealing details about the UI. We've featured several of them below.

Additionally, one of the guides comes with programs to download to your calculator, package in .8xp format. It is not yet known whether this will include new tokens or commands. We have examined the published .8xps, and found them to offer neither any new tokens nor any changes to the .8xp format we know and love. That said, we anticipate the possibility of new commands to support color in TI-BASIC. One evidence for this is the presence of colors for altering graph style seen in several Y= Editor screenshots.