Maker Faire 12 Day 1: Educators' Choice; Hackaday Interview
Published by KermMartian 10 years, 11 months ago (2012-09-30T01:37:38+00:00) | Discuss this article

Today was a very long Saturday, the first of the two days of the World Maker Faire 2012 in Queens, New York. As previously announced on Cemetech, I presented a cross-section of my hardware and software calculator hacks with the help of long-time member Alec "Qazz42" Szigeti and Sara Nodroff. The projects displayed include a five-calculator CALCnet setup, floppyTunes on a TI-83+, CALCnet Chat! running live on a TI-84+, the Ultimate Calculator 2, and interactive gaming on the TI-84+SE and the Casio Prizm. Hundreds if not thousands of visitors lined up to check out the projects, and close to five hundred took custom bookmarks proudly inviting visitors to come learn and code with us at Cemetech. We introduced many people to the idea of hacking calculators, from learning to code to the challenge of pushing the boundaries of existing hardware. We also had plenty of attendees who were familiar with my and our work, including one who had just purchased my recently-released book. We're looking forward to a great second day tomorrow, but first, two important items of interest.

First, my table was awarded the Educators' Choice Award from World Maker Faire 2012, an honor that I am proud and humbled to have achieved. I hope that we at Cemetech will continue to teach programming and introduce people to the fun of hardware and software hacking for many years. Secondly, I got to chat with Brian Benchoff of Hackaday, the illustrious site that has published quite a few of my projects over the years. He interviewed me for a Hackaday video and article entitled "Giving Graphing Calculators A New Life". Feel free to check out the article, and help the commenters understand the proper way to pronounce "Cemetech" (I kid, of course).

Here's to a great day tomorrow, and if you're in the tristate area, you should stop by Maker Faire for all of the fun, including my table.

Watch interview "Giving Graphing Calculators a New Life" interview on YouTube