"Programming the TI-83+/84+" Heads to Production
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Four months ago, I announced that I was writing a TI-83+/84+ programming book with Manning Publications. At that point, I had written six chapters and two appendices, and had gone through one set of peers reviews. It's now mid-June, the manuscript is completed, three sets of peer reviews (and associated changes and fixes) are under our belt, and the capable eyes of Dan "Shkaboinka" Cook have searched ruthlessly for technical errors. Through Manning's MEAP (Manning Early Access Program), I've been privileged to have a large number of readers already look over the manuscript and offer their feedback.

I am now happy to announce that 135,531 words, 390 pages, thirteen chapters, and three appendices later, "Programming the TI-83+/84+" is ready to move to the Production phase. The book will be typeset, the index will be generated from my extensive annotations, final proofreading and spot-checking will be performed. The book will then head off to the printer, and (hopefully) by the beginning of September, it will start landing on store shelves (and in online stores). If you haven't already pre-ordered the book, you can get order the print book and have it delivered when it is ready, and built into the price, you get the E-Book to start poring over now. If you click through to the discussion topic for this news article, I have listed a summary of each chapter, so I hope you'll grab the book ASAP, and tell all your friends about it!

Graphing calculator programming is a great way to pick up a fun hobby and a useful skill. It's a perfect stepping stone to any sort of programming, and I've taken pains to make "Programming the TI-83+" an easy introduction to programming in general. I hope you pick it up now or in Fall 2012, enjoy it, and feel free to send along any feedback, comments, and questions.

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