Public jsTIfied Beta: a TI-83+ in Your Browser
Published by KermMartian 11 years, 1 month ago (2012-02-06T17:13:31+00:00) | Discuss this article

Two weeks ago, I formally announced my jsTIfied emulator project, aiming to create a fully-useable TI-83+ emulator purely in Javascript and HTML5. I had started the project six weeks earlier, and as of that article, the emulator was working well in a private beta. Sporadically over the past two weeks, I have tweaked and modified the emulator, adding features such as loading a new ROM, an attractive skinned mode with associated realistic LCD rendering and a clickable keypad, and integration into the Cemetech templating and user system. I am happy to release jsTIfied as a preliminary public beta to the general public, with a few caveats. The functioning features:

:: A full-featured TI-83+ emulator, written entirely in Javascript and HTML5
:: Client-side ROM and state storage to save bandwidth and solve the legal hurdles of an online emulator.
:: Proper emulation of interrupts, flash, hardware quirks, LCD latency, and other attributes of the real hardware.
:: Skinned and unskinned mode

There are also many planned but as-yet unimplemented features:

:: Integration into the SourceCoder online TI-BASIC IDE, including importing/exporting SourceCoder projects to/from jsTIfied.
:: globalCALCnet (gCn) support
:: Importing/exporting programs, files, and apps to the user's hard drive
:: Loading files directly from the Cemetech/ archives.

I hope that you'll give jsTIfied a try as soon as possible, give me feedback (especially when run in browsers other than Firefox), and enjoy! Note: remember that distributing ROMs is illegal. Do not ask for or offer ROMs to any other members, on the forum or privately.

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