900K Downloads; Contest 8 Ends Today
Published by KermMartian 12 years, 2 months ago (2012-01-22T18:02:38+00:00) | Discuss this article

In the 3587 days since I first published a program on ticalc.org, I'm proud to say that my author profile has reached the milestone of 900,000 program direct downloads, and likely many tens of millions of indirect downloads from users sharing my programs. Over the years I've gotten less comfortable posting these sort of announcements in news articles, but you can see previous reports for 700,000 over three years ago, 500,000 over five years ago, and 400,000 six and a half years ago. Sadly, the pace of downloads has decreased over time, but this is a ticalc.org-wide trend as students have moved on to playing games and using programs on their smartphones. To my amusement, my YouTube channel where I publish videos of Cemetech and community projects and games has been accruing views at a fantastic rate, to the tune of 400K; along with an amusing mix of congratulatory and mind-blowingly ignorant comments, Calculator Networking with 9 Calcs: Doors CS 7, CALCnet, and Flourish has accumulated over 100K views.

In more widely-relevant and pressing news, Cemetech Contest 8 ends at midnight EST (GMT-5) tonight, so you have precisely eleven hours to finish and email your entries! Remember to include a readme and source code. Late entries will not be considered. We have received seven entries thus far, so if you think you've submitted your entry, please confirm with us that we have received your entry. Otherwise, hurry up! Don't wait until 11:59pm. Good luck to all the contestants. We plan to judge the entries and release results in about a week, although in the past school and life commitments have proven detrimental to such attempts.