Staff Page, Promotions, Prizm Gaming Begins
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Cemetech has been steaming along as well as can be hoped during most members' spring semesters, and I'm happy to announce a miscellany of newsworthy announcements. Firstly, I have added short staff biographies and photos to the Cemetech About section, adding to the other items already there including a history of Cemetech, the member list and user groups, the geographic user map, and the site statistics and post graph. It mentions the current administrators and our past administrators emeriti; I hope to soon add the current global moderators to the page. A careful reading of the Staff section will reveal that we have two new administrators, both promoted from global moderators.

Jon "TheStorm" "Jonimus" Sturm and Shaun "Merthsoft" Mcfall have both made significant contributions to Cemetech, and we are happy to announce their promotions within our family to Administrators. Jon has been a member of Cemetech for several years, and has spent nearly twelve months as an effective moderator on the Cemetech forum and the #cemetech IRC channel. Shaun has been a member of Cemetech for a shorter period and a moderator for only eight months, but has spent many more years lurking in the community. Both Jon and Shaun program calculators, computers, and web/scripting languages, and coincidentally, both also have contributed to the globalCALCnet project, the Direct USB part of which continues to slowly develop. Jon has been promoted to a general administrator, while Shaun has, among his other duties, been designated in only half-sarcasm as Cemetech's Vice President of Public Relations (and Inter-Site Relations).

Finally, as you can see from the screenshot posted below, Merth has created and released the first game in Casio Prizm written in C. The fact that he created this with minimal Prizm-specific training in C and only a few hours bodes well for the power and flexibility that coding for calculators in C allows. I think I speak for many in the calculator community when I express my excitement at this development. I had previously expressed my disgust at the TI-Nspire CX and the attitude that Texas Instruments has been espousing towards students, programmers, and the dedicated TI coding community that has spent decades providing free publicity for the company; this is an excellent sign that providing openness and unrestricted use of hardware is a positive force and to be encouraged. I hope all of our Prizm users will give this a try and our die-hard TI users will consider expanding their horizons.

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Edit: Version 1.0 of Minesweeper has been released:
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