Contest 8: Five Weeks Left, Great Response
Published by KermMartian 12 years, 5 months ago (2011-12-13T15:51:54+00:00) | Discuss this article

Thanks to all of you who have shown such enthusiasm for Cemetech Contest 8: Arcade Games. We already have fourteen confirmed entries, including games for all three platforms (TI-83+s, Casio Prizms, and computers) and in many languages (C, C++, Axe, Grammer, TI-BASIC, XNA, and Casio BASIC). As requested for this contest, all of the current entrants have posted topics describing their projects and offering progress and screenshots. Please click through to projects that interest you and help motivate the authors with encouraging feedback!

:: Buttsfredkins: [TI-83+/Axe] Futility
:: yeongJIN_COOL: [TI-83+/Axe] Action Man
:: Zeldaking: [TI-83+/BASIC] Missile Command
:: HOMER-16: [Comp/C++] Zombie Killing Spree
:: Leafiness0: [TI-83+/Axe] My First Quantum Translocator
:: Purobaz: [Prizm/BASIC] Free Wheel
:: Kaslai: [Comp/C++] Tubby's Dungeon Escape
:: Souvik1997: [Comp/XNA] Galagaman
:: Ashbad: [Prizm/C] Raptor
:: CalebHansberry: [TI-83+/BASIC] Andropod
:: Nick: [TI-Nspire/Lua] Bomberman
:: _player1537: [Prizm/C] Unnamed Space Shooter
:: Qazz42: [TI-83+/Hybrid BASIC] Castle Run
:: Sorunome: [TI-83+/Grammer] Mino v2.0

It is far from too late to enter, so if you're debating about entering, allow me to push you in the direction of discussing your planned project with us. Those who share their project progress with us on the weekly Have Calc, Will Program (HCWP) conference will also be smiled favorably on, although no extra points will be given, since not everyone's schedule permits them to attend. Remember, the deadline is January 22nd, 2012, so pace yourselves accordingly, and keep up the great work.