Landmark Months; Contest Downloads; CALCnet 2.2
Published by KermMartian 13 years, 6 months ago (2010-09-29T15:42:17+00:00) | Discuss this article

August and September have been among the most active months in recent memory, and the daily posting average is through the roof. Thanks to an influx of new users, the complete of Doors CS 7, and the introduction of many new projects and resurrection of existing projects, Cemetech has seen almost 11,200 posts since August 1st, 2010, an average of over 186 posts per day. For the month of September alone, 6,550 posts have been made, an average of 233 a day, the most for any Cemetech month in history. The usage stats tell the same story: 3,278,356 pages served for August 2010, a total of 4,747,801 hits, and 9.84GB transferred, excluding any search engine spider traffic! For September 2010, 3,463,735 pages have been served up through this morning, with 4,796,230 hits and 10.76 GB transferred, again excluding search engine traffic. For September, search engine spiders accounted for an additional 213K pages served and 2.15GB of transfer, and SAX accounted for 263K pages served but a laughable 6.66MB of transfer, thanks to the extremely efficient incremental SAX data transfer protocol. Thanks to all of you for bringing us this far, and I look forward to this trend continuing in the future. Check out the Site Statistics page for an attractive dynamic graph and more numbers.

In other news, some of the Cemetech Contest #7 winners and entries are now available for download! Others are still pending the authors' decision to release their work, so are not yet available. Almost all of them require Doors CS 7. The programs that you can get so far (including screenshots on the linked download pages):

:: Jerry v0.1 by BrandonW (ASM, 1st Place): Use a USB mouse with Doors CS, without needing to install USB8x on your calculator and with no minimum OS version.
:: Reminder by Souvik1997 (BASIC, 1st Place): Reminder is a Doors CS 7 BASIC program to help you manage, create, and remind you of events. It uses the advanced Doors CS GUI, Celtic3 libraries, and xLIB libraries found in Doors CS 7. This program is very user friendly, and includes a calendar to help in adding events.
:: Clash of Dimension v1.0 by xXEpicxXXxFailXx and CjBailey (BASIC, 2nd Place): Clash of Dimensions is a point-and-click adventure game resembling those of 1990's Sierra games. It harnesses the power of DCS libraries to make a game both fast and fun. You play as a person laid off of work, doing nothing with their life when all of a sudden, a portal appears, you must solve puzzles, use items, and find your way out of the never ending dimensions you appear in.
:: TI-Mail v1.4 by Qazz42 (BASIC entry): TI-Mail is a calculator-to-calculator chat program created with the DCSB Libs.
:: A Simple RPG by Raylin (BASIC entry): This is a very memory efficient and simple RPG. There are only two buttons to press. [2ND] and [ALPHA]; the game auto-saves.

Finally, I'm happy to announce that CALCnet 2.2 is progressing, if not rapidly, then at least in a positive direction. I have begun to publish some technical info on CALCnet including information on the protocol itself, and with the heroic assistance of five Cemetech members this past Monday, managed to optimize enough bytes out of Doors CS to fit in the 900-byte CALCnet 2.2 driver with a few bytes to spare. In the coming weeks I'll be continuing work on the whitepaper and documentation, as well as requesting beta-testing of what will become Doors CS 7.1 with built-in CALCnet 2.2 drivers. Discuss!