New Global Moderators
Published by KermMartian 13 years, 7 months ago (2010-09-14T02:30:06+00:00) | Discuss this article

Cemetech has been gradually picking up steam in the recent months, as projects like Doors CS and CALCnet have come to fruition and the site has re-expanded its graphing calculator focus, and with several improvements in the site to handle the increased traffic, including a forum reorganization and a mobile version of the website for phones under construction by comicIDIOT, I am proud to announce the promotions of _player1537 and comicIDIOT to Global Moderator.

Both _player1537 and comicIDIOT have provided great service to Cemetech throughout their tenures. _player1537 has proven an enthusiastic developer and coder in the calculator and computer arenas, coding TI-BASIC, dabbling in z80 ASM, Axe, and C, and experimenting with Javascript and web applications. He has started and provided valuable contributions to many popular threads, and shows great promise for the future. It is my pleasure to welcome him to the Cemetech staff.

ComicIDIOT originally joined the community as some18kalan0n3, coding TI-BASIC. He gradually lost touch with the calculator community over the years, and got into photography and web design. However, in the past year or two he returned to Cemetech again, has been a very helpful member (besides joining me and other Cemetech members in countless rousing Unreal Tournament 2004 matches), and has proven his worth as a moderator of the Photography section. He's been occasionally toying with TI-BASIC once again, and as mentioned above, has been helping with various important site tasks, especially the creation of a mobile theme. It is my pleasure to welcome him to full global moderator status.

Please give a hearty welcome to the new global moderators! At present, the following users hold some kind of position:

Numero Uno: Kerm Martian, yours truly
Admins: Elfprince13, TIFreak8x, JPez*, Rivereye
Global Mods: comicIDIOT, Kllrnohj, Merthsoft, TheStorm, _Player1537

* Italicized positions are emeritus, as the user is no longer active