Contest #7 Now Closed
Published by KermMartian 13 years, 7 months ago (2010-09-05T16:37:40+00:00) | Discuss this article

The deadline for Cemetech Contest #7 has come and gone, roughly twelve hours ago at midnight EDT, and I'm excited about all the entries to the contest, listed below. At this point, Rivereye and I, the two contest judges, will be drawing up an official rubric for grading based on our pre-contest discussions, then applying it to each program. At the end, we will compare notes, rank the programs to pick the winners, and then combine our notes into a composite critique for each program. A news article will then be posted announcing the winners, those eligible will be awarded their userbars and prizes, and each prize-winner will be individually notified to work out details of the prizes. We estimate that the judging will take a approximately one week, possibly less, possibly more. As far as we know, since no entry has been cross-posted to the Omnimaga Contest, it will not be necessary for us to withhold entries until September 15th, so as soon as grading is announced, we hope that the entrants will released their entries to the general public in the Cemetech Archives and elsewhere!

Entries were received from:

BrandonW (ASM): USB Mouse shell expansion (SE).
KeithJohansen (Hybrid BASIC): Yumé I, an RPG/adventure game.
Qazz42 (Hybrid BASIC): TI-Mail 1.4, a link chat program.
Raylin (Pure BASIC): A Simple RPG.
SirCmpw (ASM): AxeAssist, a program to help with creating Axe programs.
Souvik1997 (Hybrid): Reminder, a calendar and event program.
Svakk (Hybrid: MFDCSP, "My Flashy DCS Program"
xXEpicxXXxFailXx (Hybrid): Clash of Dimensions, an RPG/adventure game.

The entrants put in heroic efforts to complete their entries, including two last-minute entries, one of which was begun two days before the deadline, one of which had to be rewritten from scratch a mere hour beforehand, others submitted halfway through the contest, one re-emailed roughly 42 times after bugfixes and improvements, and one that was submitted days after the contest was originally announced. Good luck to everyone, and regardless of who wins and places, all the the entrants deserve praise and applause for their efforts and skills.