Updates: Stats, Forum, Mobile
Published by Alex 13 years, 7 months ago (2010-09-01T02:40:13+00:00) | Discuss this article

The Cemetech Forums has been changing its appearance a bit. You might see nothing different at first glance, but if you take a minute to look more carefully, you'll notice some of the sub-forums that you're used to seeing are missing, and new ones in their stead. We've consolidated a few and renamed others. We've also introduced sub-sub-forums, including several under Member Features. Under Member Features you can find promising and regularly updated member projects. Another subforum, Other, Upcoming, and Defunct, holds sub-sub-fora and topics about Cemetech projects that have been shelved, aren't yet ready for prime-time, or are still in the chin-scratching phase.

The website is also getting a new skin for mobile and cell phone browsers. Over the next month, if you visit Cemetech on your mobile device you'll notice a mobile version of the site gradually evolving. Please visit the Cemetech6mobile development thread and share and suggestions, comments, or even mock-ups. We're trying to strike a good balance between small pages that load and render easily on even low-end devices, and maintaining the look-and-feel of the full-sized website.

In Kerm's constant pursuit of statistics, numbers, and graphs to quantify things like Cemetech activity, he has occasionally generated graphs of Cemetech posts per day since the inception of the current forum on Pi Day, 2005, but this process is somewhat time consuming. To save himself the trouble, and open the door for future stats-gathering, Kerm has created an automated PHP script that runs once per day and generates a snazzy graph of the posts per day from March 2005 to the present. It is embedded on a budding Site Statistics page which will eventually hold other numbers and graphs relevant to the site. Feel free to suggest any statistic or graph that should be generated or calculated that you think Cemetech members would find intriguing.

From the Desk of Kerm Martian
Finally, although they did not change enough to warrant a front-page mention, BinPac8x v1.3 has been updated to fix a rare bug, and mobiletunes has advanced to version 3.1, both thanks to the release of Doors CS 7.0 precisely a week ago. The former program allows cross-platform creation of TI-83+/84+/85/86 binaries from assembled object files, while the latter is a quadraphonic music player (with a converter that can turn MIDI files into MT3 songs) written for Doors CS. As a side-note for those keeping track, Doors CS 7 has quietly advanced to version 7.0.1 to tweak four minor, non-fatal issues that were found in the past week.