Presenting Document DE 7
Published by KermMartian 13 years, 11 months ago (2010-08-10T23:51:27+00:00) | Discuss this article

Weighing in at under just under 1KB and demonstrating the power of Doors CS, this refresh of the popular full-featured text editor allows you to create, view, save, and open text files within an attractive and intuitive GUI interface. With Doors CS's associated program feature, you can open files from Doors CS without having Document DE open. New in Document DE 7 is cleaner compatibility with Doors CS 7's "HomeRun" feature, which lets you simply run documents from the TI-OS homescreen to edit them. Also new is an Insert Symbols window that gives you access to a wide variety of untypeable characters for your documents and notes. Combined with Tokenizer DE v1.0 or SourceCoder 2.5, you can even write TI-BASIC programs with Document DE 7!

A converter to turn .txt documents into Document DE 7 files, or Document DE 7 documents back into .txt files, is available at // Please note that Document DE 7 must be run with Doors CS 6.8.6 beta or higher; the latest internal development version is Doors CS 6.8.8 beta, but Doors CS 6.9 beta is due for release on or before August 12th. Source now included for reference for ASM programmers who wish to see how to write short but powerful programs taking advantage of Doors CS 6/7's GUI and AP features.

Document DE 7