Doors CS 6.8 Beta
Published by KermMartian 13 years, 6 months ago (2010-07-25T19:51:34+00:00) | Discuss this article

Shortly after the release of Doors CS 6.7.6, this release of Doors CS represents the penultimate beta version, containing implementations of very nearly every bug fix and feature request posed to me thus far in the two-and-a-half month resurrection of Doors CS development. Doors CS 7 is swiftly looming, and I expect this release to be very close to the final version, nearly Release Candidate quality despite not being tagged as such. It's extremely important that Doors CS 7 be stable, reliable, and as bug-free as humanly possible, so I urgently request that everyone try out this release and look for issues. Use the editor, use the DCSB Libs, run your favorite ASM and BASIC programs, and try to make things break.

Here's the most important features and bugfixes among all those new since Doors CS 6.7 Beta:
:: Plenty of optimizations for both speed and size, respectively making the shell feel faster and giving me more leeway for additional fixes and features. Tons of bug fixes based on reports from the loyal beta testers.
:: Fixes and additions to the DCSB Libs, including sum(13)
:: Expanded SE functionality within Doors CS desktop.
:: Repaired bugs in GUI text input functions, moved them to the edit buffer for faster typing, sped them up on 15MHz calculators, and added [CLEAR] as a backspace key to supplement [DEL] as a delete key.
:: Adding scroll wrapping to DCS desktop. Scroll up at the top to go to the bottom, scroll down at the bottom to go to the top.
:: Reduced DCS Menu to three items: Display, About, Options.
:: Added more understandable BASIC Exec errors.
:: Added folder and screen saving so after using the Properties menu, running a program, or quitting, you start where you left off.
:: Inclusion of an ALCDFix-like LCD delay tuner for those with TI-84+-series calculators, eliminating the need for that program.
:: Added features to FileOpen and FileSaveAs AP routines for ASM programmers

Again, please stress-test this release as much as possible, so I can ensure that Doors CS 7.0 will be rock-solid and reliable. Feel free to request the latest builds of Document DE 7.0 and mobileTunes 3.1 from me that take advantage of the newest DCS features. From here on out, Doors CS 6.9 Beta with a complete SDK is due by August 14th, Doors CS 7.0 RC 1 with complete SDK and manual is due a week later, and Doors CS 7.0 is still (knock wood, cross your fingers) on-track for a September 1, 2010 release.

Doors CS 6.8 Beta