Doors CS 6.6 Beta
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This beta of Doors CS 7 adds many bug fixes, performance improvements, and compatibility workarounds over Doors CS 6.5 beta, although it implements no major new features. It adds the ability to recognize and automatically edit Axe source code files, more keyboard shortcuts, including the ability to leave any GUIRSmallWin by pressing [CLEAR], and fixes issues with renaming and copying programs. It repairs several known XLib compatibility issues, and importantly, works around the TI-OS parser hook bugs in OS 2.53MP and 2.54MP. It adds a fix for the long-standing problems with Stop and shells, catching and handling this token. It adds the RunProg vector to allow ASM programs to execute one or more ASM or BASIC programs, or even chain execution along several programs. Finally, it adds true support for up to 255 files, programs, and folders per folder (including the desktop), for virtually unlimited total files on a calculator visible from Doors CS. Among many other smaller tweaks and bugfixes, all of which can be viewed on the Doors CS wiki, the following list hits the highlights of this release:

:: Added custom icon for Axe source files, with ID flags identical to nostub BASIC program; added check to edit Axe source files when executed instead of trying to run.
:: Fixed Instant Goto failing when scrolling backwards through two-byte tokens ending in $3F such as $AA,$3F.
:: Pressing [Clear] from any Small Window now clicks its [X], if it has one.
:: Added hourglass for sorting, archiving/unarchiving, folder backup, and copying back after ASM execution
:: Avoided ridiculous failure of _PutC to recognize Split->Full in 2.53MP for DCS error messages.
:: Solved problem of catching Stop token with nonexistent error 127 and special-case silent handling within DCS.
:: Debugged, fixed, and tested workaround for 2.53MP's improper post-ParserHook flag/Op1 handling.
:: Resolved one many-programs bug by tracing it to CALCnet2 in DCS6.1/6.2. Bug repair pending reactivation of CALCnet.
:: Added folder backup before program execution (from desktop only).
:: Added and tested Runprog vector. One display bug remains.
:: Added GUIFindThis and PushGUIStacks routines.
:: Fixed all sections calculating remaining/onscreen programs from ProgsToDo and ProgsDone to correctly handle >127 programs.

The next Doors CS beta, Doors CS 6.7 Beta, is scheduled for release by July 4th, 2010. Other than the standard routine of collecting bug reports (please do it!) and repairing them, I hope to have a full spec of Doors CS' libraries that it will offer BASIC programs to be ready so that they can be implemented by Doors CS 6.8 Beta. Please read and participate in the forum topic about BASIC and Doors CS libraries, particularly if you're a BASIC programmer who would be interested in working with files, GUI rendering (and possible mouse use as well), fancier menus, and more. If I manage to get to my eventual goal of working CALCnet 2.x into something fast and efficient and functional by the time Doors CS 6.8 beta or 6.9 beta is ready, then I might even give BASIC programs access to that, although that might be a big challenge. Please check out that topic and post your opinions, I need to make the planned BASIC libraries as useful as possible in as little memory as possible.

Finally, we're planning a Doors CS-themed Cemetech Contest #7, with a very generous offer of a unique top prize from the inimitable BrandonW: possibly the only TI-83+ in the wild with no limitation on executing at or above $C000 (actually a TI-73 Cameleon'd to be a TI-83+ in a TI-83+ case). If you have any interest whatsoever, please check out the brainstorming thread for this contest. Be aware that we're talking with Omnimaga admins including Quigibo about the possibility of making entries cross-acceptable to both our and the Omnimaga contest!

To summarize your tasks for today:
(1) Download Doors CS 6.6 Beta below and try it out. Tell me all the bugs you find.
(2) Give your input about Doors CS libraries and BASIC.
(3) Help plan Cemetech Contest #7.

Doors CS 6.6 Beta