SourceCoder 2.5: Updates and Features
Published by KermMartian 13 years, 5 months ago (2010-06-11T19:21:23+00:00) | Discuss this article

Since the early day of SourceCoder, when SourceCoder v1.0 was featured on in November 2005, it has gone through many iterations and changes. That first version was capable merely of parsing and showing the code for TI-83 and TI-83+ programs and a few other sundry formats, like images and lists. Since then, myriad additions have been made, from allowing users to edit programs online and then reconvert them to .8xps, to syntax coloring and rudimentary optimization, to a Javascript virtual "calculator" keypad to make finding tokens easier, to a postbot that takes the PasteBin concept one step further and can actively participate in optimization and debugging discussions. Recent discussions in the past week or two started by newcomer pilotmm and long-time community member Galandros prompted me to complete quite a few unfinished to-do items on the project, as well as make some long-overdue updates to the general user experience. Among the most significant changes since SourceCoder v2.0:

:: Completely re-styled virtual calculator keypad, now much spiffier and with complete menus including VARS and CATALOG.
:: From the editor, users can now specify whether output .8xp files should be edit-locked or unlocked, and whether each file should be marked for storage in RAM or Archive.
:: Cleaner and more concise SourceCoder start page, with better-functioning project tools.
:: Short sharing links available directly from the start page for easy copy/pasting to fora.
:: TI-84+ MathPrint tokens now supported.
:: Many updates and fixes to previous missing and poorly-translated tokens, both for source viewing and editing.
:: Improved "pretty" code for viewing to "functional" code for editing conversion
:: SourceCoder 2 postbot takes one to two seconds to post on community fora, down from 30-40 seconds per update.
:: Improved handling of automatic code indentation

Please give it a gander, let me know about any comments, suggestions, praise, or criticism that you have, and I hope it will become (or continue to be) a valuable tool in your TI-BASIC (or Axe?) programming arsenal. Here is a sample shared project; have fun.

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