Doors CS 6.3 Beta
Published by KermMartian 14 years ago (2010-05-12T19:11:24+00:00) | Discuss this article

So after more missed deadlines than I'm proud of recounting, this article marks the first public release of a beta of the up-and-coming Doors CS 7, the next generation of the Doors CS shell for TI-83+/TI-84+ series calculators. Lots of bugfixes have been added, lots of new features have been implemented, lots of optimizations have been found and the memory freed immediately used for new features, and the third page that will be used for XLib / Celtic III compatibility has been tacked on. To quote the description I wrote:

"Doors CS 6.3 beta is the first development release of the next generation of the Doors CS shell for TI graphing calculators. It implements a variety of optimizations and fixes, as well as new features including Folder Backup across RAM clears, the ability to Hide programs from the TI-OS and the prgm menu, integrated TabFuncs, a new Properties menu, a MemoryPop feature to see at-a-glance the precise amount of free RAM and ROM on a device, and many others. It also implements much-requested fixes for compatibility with Nspire calculators. Please note that this is a beta release and may be unstable; a partial disclaimer can be found in the attached readme file. Also note that although this is a three-page app, the XLib / Celtic III compatibility libraries have not yet been added onto the third page."

If you have a TI-83+, a TI-83+SE, a TI-84+/SE, or especially a TI-Nspire, please toss this onto your calculator and give it a try. Chances are it has some bugs and stability issues, although I carefully fixed everything I could find before I released it. If you already had Doors CS 5.5 through 6.2, it will not auto-upgrade the settings AppVar, so it will in fact happily coexist with Doors CS 6.2 or lower. Remember, your feedback, suggestions, and bug reports help make the final release stable, awesome, and bug-free. I expect to release Doors CS 6.4 beta, which will hopefully include overhauled program execution chaining to support Noshell-style homescreen program execution, in late May or early June.

Download and Screenshots
Doors CS 6.3 Beta