DCS7 Dev: TabFuncs, Folder Restore
Published by KermMartian 14 years ago (2010-05-03T17:03:05+00:00) | Discuss this article

Doors CS 7 development is continuing at a breakneck pace, especially given that five hours from now I'll be in the middle of my Masters thesis defense. Two days ago, I completed an integrated TabFuncs feature in Doors CS 7. TabFuncs has been historically the most popular of the Doors CS 6 Shell Expansions, allowing the user to navigate using the equivalent of [Tab] and [Shift][Tab] and avoiding the mouse entirely in normal operation. It was created to satisfy users in the community that are opposed to the mouse-cursor interface of Doors CS but still wanted to use Doors CS for other features it offers. I am happy to say that the feature is now built into Doors CS 7, and includes several graphical and functionality upgrades from previous versions as suggested by Cemetech members. A screenshot of the new TabFuncs can be seen to the left below.

After reading through topics complaining about carefully-constructed folder structures getting lost after RAM clears, and fielding a variety of suggestions on how to deal with it, I have finally implemented a Folder Restore feature. Doors CS 7 will keep track of new folders you create, programs that you move and rename, and programs that you delete and create, and occasionally perform a folder system backup. The system is designed to minimize wear-and-tear on your Flash chip, but to back up before dangerous (read: untrusted program) code is executed or control is returned to the TI-OS. I am quite happy with the implementation: it is fast, efficient, and takes very little memory to represent the current state of the folder structure. The screenshot below to the right demonstrates a moderately complex, nested folder structure, a RAM clear, and full restoration of the folder system.

As always, please post topics and posts complaining about things that are missing, praising me for how excellent Doors CS is, expounding on my failures as a programmer, or wishing me luck on my Masters thesis defense.

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