DCS7 Dev Continues; Long-Overdue PwdSE v2.0
Published by KermMartian 14 years ago (2010-04-29T22:29:51+00:00) | Discuss this article

I'm happy to announce that development of Doors CS 7, my backend refresh of the popular Doors CS shell for TI-83+ and TI-84+ series calculators, is gaining momentum. Over the past few weeks I've been re-familiarizing myself with Doors CS' ginormous z80 ASM codebase, and consolidating, upgrading, and optimizing existing segments of code to make room for the many new planned features. Among the most widely-requested features are built-in XLib and Celtic III support, NoShell-style execution of programs from the homescreen, and folder backups to save time spent recreating folders after a RAM clear.

Amidst the optimization work I've been doing, which freed up 2KB on the first page of the Doors CS 7 app, I temporarily broke and refixed the Shell Extension (SE) system, similar to modules in other shells. After doing so, I tested and verified correct functionality with one of the two canonical Doors CS SEs, PwdSE, that provides rudimentary password protection to Doors CS programs and files. The other canonical SE, TabFuncSE, which adds the equivalent of [Tab] and [Shift][Tab] support to mollify users who oppose a mouse-cursor-based interface, will now be fully integrated into Doors CS 7. You can download PwdSE v2.0 below, and use it with any version of Doors CS from 6.1 upwards, including 6.2 and (eventually) 7.0 and higher.

I welcome any and all suggestions, comments, and criticisms on Doors CS, and will especially need beta testers for incremental versions released between now and 7.0. I realize that my oft-criticized signature states that 28 hours from now Doors CS 7.0 will be released, but obviously that's not very realistic. As soon as I come up with a reliable roadmap for development, taking into account my Masters in Engineering graduation this May and thesis defense on May 3rd, I'll try to update my signature with more dependable dates. Feel free to check out this topic for lots more development screenshots.

Password Protection SE v2.0