Merry Christmas, Cemetech and DCS7 Updates
Published by KermMartian 13 years, 1 month ago (2010-12-26T05:59:31+00:00) | Discuss this article

Merry Christmas to everyone at Cemetech and in the community; we hope you enjoy the remainder of the waning year. All the warmth and joy of the holiday season to you and your families, no matter what you celebrate. Nothing particularly momentous or exciting has happened at Cemetech itself in the past week or so, given that half a week ago most of us were finishing brain-bending final exams and semester projects, but a few noteworthy items deserve mention. As previously extensively noted here on Cemetech, December 14th brought the release of Doors CS 7.1, including new flagship networking library CALCnet2.2 among many tweaks and bug fixes, the culmination of eight or nine years of development and dreaming and learning. To demonstrate the power and versatility of these projects, a pair of videos was created, respectively showcasing CALCnet2.2 on a nine-calculator network and highlighting the many features of Doors CS 7.1. To my surprise, these propelled Doors CS and CALCnet into the public geek consciousness on technology megasite Slashdot and hardware hacking hub Hack a Day. Since then, Doors CS 7.1 on has been hovering in the 25 top downloaded programs of the week, although I'm disappointed to see that it slipped to 23rd place this evening. I hope that if you haven't given it a try, you will do so. To quote a recent unsolicited review at

Is it like any other? Nope.
Is it better than Mirage? Yes.
What difference does it make? It's not like it matters where I run my programs. That's what I said when I saw it but when I tried it out, I realized that it was much more than just a shell.

Finally, for those of you who neither keep up with the latest posts nor frequent our IRC channel (#Cemetech on, I want to announce significant progress on the Chat program for CALCnet2.2 under development by rising Cemetech gMod Shaun "Merthsoft" McFall. I have taken over the networking side of things for the sake of everyone's sanity, and I have succeeded in implement decentralized joining, quitting, message transmission, usernames, and username switching. I have a few more features to work on and improve before I hand it back to Shaun; my current progress can be seen below. Your job: suggest more creative project names than "Chat" in the attached topic.