Doors CS 7.1 Beta 2
Published by KermMartian 13 years, 2 months ago (2010-12-05T22:55:43+00:00) | Discuss this article

Doors CS 7.1 Beta 2 is the second (and with any luck, last) beta release of Doors CS 7.1, the first version to contain fully-functional CALCnet2.2 drivers. It also offers several slight usability fixes and bug patches since Doors CS 7.0.1. I'm happy to mention the following new items in Doors CS 7.1 Beta 2:

:: Tighter restrictions on hidden files to minimize conflicts with buggy TI-OS code.
:: Resolved problem with two- and three-argument standard usage of the sum() command
:: Convergence of the emulator and non-emulator versions, slightly enlarging the setup code for CALCnet2.2
:: TI-OS error handlers wrapped around ASM program execution

As always, your invaluable beta-testing helps me release a product that is stable and polished, so remember to let me know in the attached topic if you have any bug reports, especially with usage of the DCSB Libs and with executing ASM programs. I also welcome feature requests for future versions of Doors CS, although with as few as 27 bytes free on one of the DCS 7.1 Beta 2 pages, I have extremely limited room for new features at this point. Please download, test, and enjoy!

Doors CS 7.1 Beta 2

CALCnet 2.2 Test Programs
Flourish: CALCnet 2.2 Tech Demo
NetPong v1.1

DCSB Libs Test Programs
DCSBL Race v1.0.1
DCSQuad Solver v1.0
Lights Out DE v1.0