Upgrades and Downtime; DCS 7.1 Beta Soon
Published by KermMartian 13 years, 6 months ago (2010-10-30T02:33:28+00:00) | Discuss this article

In case you aren't a fan of Cemetech on Facebook, don't follow @Cemetech on Twitter, and haven't attended any of the weekly Have Calc, Will Program seminars over the last four weeks, you probably don't know what's new and exciting with Cemetech. As far as site upgrades, I have recently added a new This Week's Posts link to the existing New Posts page as a tip of the hat to the many users (including myself) who have been frustrated with their new posts list getting lost and not knowing what topics have been recently active. I also optimized and consolidated section of the Private Messaging (PM) system, so that all PMs sent via SAX and issued as notifications of Cemetech archives submissions' acceptances or rejections will arrive safely and reliably at their destinations. On the statistics front, Cemetech has raced past 1,500 users, 125,000 posts, and 8.3 million topic views, and is rapidly closing on 5,000 topics and 5 million words posted. We look forward to a maintenance of this increased activity as Cemetech members continue to make small strides on their projects and undertakings despite school and work.

An unfortunate confluence of unavoidable downtimes means that many Cemetech services will be unavailable early Sunday morning, Eastern Daylight Time. Due to hosting network upgrades, the main Cemetech website and subdomains will be down from midnight until 2am on Sunday; the IRC channel, #cemetech on irc.efnet.net, will continue to function. Also, due to another building bringing its Cogen plant online, the Cemetech UT server, the Saxjax IRC service, and Simms AI will be offline from 6am to 11am on Sunday. All services should be properly up and restored by noon on Sunday. I've also been repeatedly delayed in releasing Doors CS 7.1 beta 1 due to lack of free time to code, document, and test the changes, so I encourage you to post up any bugs you have encountered in Doors CS 7.0.1 to give me some incentive towards trying to make more progress on Doors CS.