SysMon v1.0
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SysMon is a set of server and clients to monitor multiple *nix servers from a single interface. It consists of a tiny client Bash script run as a cron on machines to be monitored, a small PHP program to receive and store client data, and a C/ncurses program to aggregate and display data realtime. SysMon allows an administrator to monitor core CPU temperature, memory usage, load, users, uptime, and up/down status on many servers at a time in a single view, ideal for the small to medium-sized academic department or business. The interface automatically adjusts the data in view to the size of the user's terminal, so SysMon can be used locally, as a headend monitoring tool in a server room, or remotely over SSH. SysMon has been tested on Ubuntu, Gentoo, CentOS, and Solaris machines; some Linux competence is suggested for installation.

SysMon v1.0
Note: On January 12, 2015, this was upgraded to v2.0, removing PHP and Apache dependencies and solving bugs. See discussion topic or file's README for details.

SysMon v2.0