CPRR1 Technical Report
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The growing cost of automotive and airplane travel has recently made railroads a more attractive transportation option. In the golden age of railroading, wealthy captains of industry often had their own private train cars that would be hitched to passenger trains and used to carry them from city to city. Most modern railroads retain the provisions to carry private cars at costs of mere cents per mile, making the private railcar a cost-effective, comfortable, and scenic alternative to most other transport methods. CPRR1 combines a powerful, state-of-the-art diesel propulsion system with opulent quarters and amenities for an extended stay by one to three people as well as a train crew of one or two.

CPRR1 is a private luxury traincar meant to be used for short- to long-term journeys. The first preliminary designs for CPRR1 were drawn up around 1997 during the design of the Central Park Railroad (CPRR), meant to be a global rail system linking and incorporating many current rail systems and providing a unified rail network for passenger and freight transportation across town or across the world. CPRR1 was intended as my own private train car. The first designs connected two 40-foot sections with an articulated hallway, similar to the design of some short-distance commuter buses, but that design was eventually discarded as impractical. CPRR1 evolved into its current form, an 80-foot long, 10-foot wide car incorporating a cab and motive power in the front 20 feet, a sitting room occupying the next 20 feet, and bedrooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom in the back half.

I've detailed my plans for CPRR1 in a technical report with fifteen renders and associated descriptions. Enjoy!

CPRR1: A Modern Private Luxury Railroad Car and Locomotive