Contest #6 Deadline Reminder
Published by KermMartian 14 years, 9 months ago (2009-02-14T23:32:14+00:00) | Discuss this article

I just want to remind everyone that your entries for the sixth Cemetech programming contest are due this evening by midnight EST (11pm CST, 10pm MST, 9pm PST, etc), to, where the 'aa's are both replaced with 'te'. We are accepting BASIC, hybrid BASIC, and pure ASM entries, although note that hybrid entries will be judged with and against the ASM entries. For this contest, our judges are Kerm Martian and The Tari; as some people asked and we confirmed, we will be pooling our individual votes to decide on the final winners, and first, second, and third-place winners will hopefully receive as-yet undisclosed prizes. Judging results will also be posted, and all entries (pending the authors' permissions) will be uploaded to the Cemetech archives. Authors are welcome to upload to as well, and I have indeed been informed that some have already done so. A reminder on what a valid entry comprises:

:: An original, previously-unpublished and unreleased program written by the author submitting the program by him or herself (or with a small team, as long as the whole team is credited). If the author has sought specific help about their program online or in some public online or offline setting, that entry is invalid.

:: A zip file sent to the above email address by the deadline listed, including at least the specified program for the TI-83 and/or TI-83/TI-84+ line along with a plaintext readme file. If a shell or kernel is required to run the program, or if it has any other external software or hardware dependencies, this should be noted in the readme. It is not necessary and in fact is discouraged to include any shells or third-party programs in the ZIP (exceptions are hybrid support libraries like Codex, Celtic, and XLib).

Good luck to all who have entered and all who still plan to enter. Thus far we have received entries from A.S., J.S., M.P., K.H., J.R., and A.T. If your initials are not in that list, please contact Kerm Martian or The Tari as soon as possible. Entries will be graded and winners announced within the next few days.