Contest 5 [Puzzle] Results!
Published by Tari 14 years, 8 months ago (2008-09-17T02:59:30+00:00) | Discuss this article

Yup, they're finally here, the results from the contest that ended in July. Kerm has been busy, as you people have been quick to notice. The topic of this contest was puzzle games, open to whatever spin and interpretation you guys wanted to put on it. Our only requirements were pure BASIC or pure ASM. So without any further stalling, here were the entrants:
  • CPlusPlus with Mortle, a Portal-Scorch crossover

  • foamy3 with Platform Swapper, similar to PuzzPack's DinoPuzzle

  • Igrek with Rubik's

  • JFabi82 with KeepAway, your classic shell game

  • Keith J with CoinGrab, a fast-paced game against the calculator, and

  • ZagorNBK with Link's Puzzle Challenge (LPC), more of an extensible engine/SDK than a finalized game!

So I know you're all itching to know who wins... do I care? Maybe just a little. Here are your winners:
  • In 6th place, we have JFabi82's KeepAway. Better luck next time there; but we just couldn't like this game.

  • 5th place is none other than foamy3's Platform Swapper. A proven concept, but it was much too slow.

  • In fourth is Keith J, whose game was playable and even enjoyable, but not quite as good as the top three.

  • Third place is occupied by Igrek, whose Rubik\'s cube game was well designed, but it seems to be a game ill-suited to monochrome graphics.

  • In 2nd, we have ZagorNBK's LPC, which was a cleverly designed game, but lacked some pizazz.

  • And finally, in first place, we have CPlusPlus with Mortle! We both quite liked this game, which has a unique concept and good execution.

Discuss below, offer your congratulations/condolences/whatnot as you will, but keep it civil as always. Detailed score breakdowns will follow in the attached topic tomorrow.