Clove 2 Bluetooth Dataglove
Published by KermMartian 15 years, 11 months ago (2008-07-11T01:41:41+00:00) | Discuss this article

After being in my projects queue for about two years, I have finally gotten around to finishing Clove 2, the second prototype of my dataglove. Clove 2 is a bluetooth dataglove used for one-handed typing. It uses a 31-combination finger chording design with three modes to allow every key on a standard keyboard to be typed with minimal effort. The bluetooth functionality removes the need to tether it to a computer, and since it profiles as a standard HID Keyboard, a simple translation layer to perform key remapping, sticky modifiers, and mode switching is the only software required. It consists of three components, the glove itself, the bluetooth module, and a custom charger for the Bluetooth module.

I have released photos, a video, and full plans and instructions for building your own Clove 2, including parts lists and schematics. Check out the video below and click through to the Project Page for all of the information. Welcome to all you Engadgeteers, Gizmodo, Hackaday, and Slashdot visitors.

Clove 2 Bluetooth Dataglove Project Page

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Dataglove overview Glove alone, back view Glove alone, palm view Inside the Bluetooth module