Doors CS 6.2
Published by KermMartian 16 years ago (2008-05-27T16:55:23+00:00) | Discuss this article

This is not really a big deal of a release, as I changed maybe ten lines of code total, but here's the official description anyway. Doors CS 6.2 brings ease-of-use, a mouse-based GUI, folders, networking, and more to your calculator. Run almost every filetype, including MirageOS, Ion, BASIC, ASM, and Doors CS programs. Extreme expandability and functionality for users and developers, plus a large and devoted support community. Now with an editor and more for BASIC programming, lots of tweaks and improvements, and full compatibility with the TI-Nspire. Check out the what's new in Doors CS 6.2:

» A new in-shell editor makes programming BASIC easy and fast. Based on the TI-OS editor but enhanced with hooks and tweaks, you can use the entire 8 rows to type.
» BASIC developers will also enjoy Instantaneous Goto and four new header formats with descriptions for flexibility and ease-of-use.
» Those who asked for a popup containing size and description info can rejoice in the InfoPop: simply hover over a program to see its size in bytes and embedded description.
» A multitude of bugfixes solve every issue reported from 6.0, including a new, perfected AP GUI system.
» The program management functions including copying and renaming are now more robust, handling all file types including archived and/or locked programs properly.

This release is the most mature release thus far of the Doors CS 6 line, and also includes an updated manual and the latest TI-83 release, Doors CS 5.1. Download, enjoy, and share!

Download: Doors CS 6.2
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