Worst Week Ever (But Summer!)
Published by KermMartian 16 years, 7 months ago (2007-05-10T20:01:34+00:00) | Discuss this article

Well, I'd have to say this past week was roughly the worst week of my life. Last Wednesday was a brutal Probability final exam, I had a Special Problem Set that took ~6 hours to complete due the following day, then nothing on Friday but to start studying Physics and Solid States, work on my 20-page argumentative essay, and write an infinite precision calculator in MIPS asm. The essay took until 5am Monday to complete, then I had to spend 11am to 6:30pm the same day finishing the calculator with my Computer Architecture partner. Tuesday was a brutal, wtf-ish Physics exam, yesterday I came down with a bad cold and sore throat, and today was possibly the worst exam I've ever taken, complete ownage disguised as a Solid States electronics/physics final.

But now it's over, so it's time to start looking at the summer and what I'll be spending my time on. Since I'm going to be doing some research this summer at Stevens Institute of Technology, I haven't committed to any big calculator or programming projects yet, but I've been tossing a few around. Among them are finishing the wordNet project including the Internet Mapping subproject (woIMP), messing with worldTrends to improve its speed and reliability and remove a few bugs. I also have a new template in progress for the site, which I hope to have complete and in place by the end of the month. As far as calculator projects go, I'm considering a PDF(ish?) reader, a game or three, and perhaps even the much-requested CivSimII in ASM), all of course for Doors CS. In the electronics end, I'd like to find a way to build the second prototype of my dataglove, hopefully wireless and with a few less solder joints to break off. Anyway, go ahead and post in the associated topic if you have any comments or suggestions to make, and now I shall be officially shutting my brain off for a while.