wordNet v0.1 alpha
Published by KermMartian 17 years, 6 months ago (2006-08-21T13:42:03+00:00) | Discuss this article

Those of you who have been on the Skype chat know that over the past 6 days, I've been working on a project that I've thought about for at least two or three years, and finally got around to coding. It builds on knowledge I got from a previous project, trying to categorize all the links on the internet via a recursive PHP spider, with a system that instead harvests the keywords on each pages. wordNet is not intended as a search engine in the traditional sense of the word, however. You will be able to give it a url or word, and it can return either urls or words based not on links between the sites but on common concepts. wordNet attempts to figure out the relations between concepts and phrases in human knowledge through a system I have unnecessarily deemed "inductive reasoning harnessing mass consciousness". Anyway, you can play with the budding project here: