Doors CS Updates: DCS Menu; GUI Routines
Published by KermMartian 16 years, 9 months ago (2006-08-08T23:06:11+00:00) | Discuss this article

After a couple of weeks of additional work on Doors CS's GUI routines, I'm happy to say I've finished all but two of the interactive GUI code segments. Every piece of rendering has been debugged to the best of my abilities, and the interactive code has also been extensively tested. I have run into a few annoying but not insurmountable problems with a small, fast, and efficient text editing routine set, so I will be completing parts of the start menu to make it functional enough for another beta, then work on finishing the single- and multi-line text input routines once I have released that beta, 5.7 Beta 1. The completed text input routines will be contained in 5.7 Beta 2. With 5.7 Beta 1, I plan to add an include file and rudimentary SDK so that programmers can start building applications and/or debugging all of the new routines I have added to Doors CS. Here's a screenshot for your gratification and edification. Look for the first 5.7 beta release in about a week.

Update: This evening, I finished the first of a few parts of the DCS Menu. In order to get the following working, I had to fix up some problems with a few of the GUIStack routines, notably GUIStackFindTop, and both GUIRScrollHoriz and GUIRScrollVert.