Doors CS 5.6 Beta 2
Published by KermMartian 17 years, 8 months ago (2006-07-29T02:34:17+00:00) | Discuss this article

I have been working over the four days since I released Doors CS 5.6 Beta 1 to resolve the bug reports that came in to me. Based on member feedback, there were two major problems, one with a homescreen hook that mysteriously could not be uninstalled via the usual romcall, and the second from a peculiar anomaly whereby deleted folders would not automatically have their contents moved to the parent folder of the deleted folder as I had thought I had programmed it. The first bug was helped via some manual flag manipulation (thanks to The Tari for the idea), while the second was solved by realizing I was doing something in a manner three times as difficult as necessary. I also fixed several more minor bugs, and updated the Doors CS Bugtracker to indicate this progress. The issues I have resolved:

Deleting programs sometimes causes system instability (07/28/06)
Deleting folders - subfolders not moved to parent (07/28/06)
If you click on a folder to go into it, then rightclick to rename, you can rename the folder (07/27/06)
Unable to lock or archive folders (07/27/06) this is intentional. see above for rename fix
Execution of BASIC programs causes homescreen lockup (07/27/06)

Doors CS 5.6 Beta 2