Doors CS 5.6 Beta 1: MOS Support
Published by KermMartian 17 years, 8 months ago (2006-07-24T17:03:42+00:00) | Discuss this article

After users have repeatedly suggested adding Mirage OS support, I initially resisted the idea. It would be too cumbersome, I claimed, and was patently impossible when Doors CS was just an ASM program. Once I converted it to an app as 5.5, however, MOS became a more realistic possibility, yet I still didn't want to add it. I believed that the vast majority of MOS programs were also Ion programs, but eventually the requests began to wear me down, and I finally agreed a week and a half ago to implement MOS support. With some invaluable help from DWedit and careful consultation with the MOS developer documentation, I have been able to reproduce full Mirage OS support in Doors CS, from icons and interrupts to most of the routines that MOS programs require. In honor of the occasion, as well as of the beginnings of working CALCnet2 routines, I have decided to release another beta. Enjoy!

Doors CS 5.6 Beta 1



As it is a beta, two bugs have been found in this latest release, one of them being that after you run a BASIC game/program, you will no longer be able to type or paste commands onto the home screen. This being the case, as with all beta programs, it is strongly advised that if you are going to load this on to your calculator, please back up everything to your PC first, or use an emulator. Click the Discuss link to keep track of bugs and fixes. One of the bugs has been resolved, and a fix for the second is pending.