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Published by KermMartian 17 years, 1 month ago (2006-10-24T23:34:43+00:00)

As prompted by TI-Freak8x late yesterday evening, I have implemented a stats tracking feature to the Cemetech Archives similar in function to the one has. A cron job regularly runs a script that collates all download and author data, calculates rankings, and saves that data in the archives database. Each author page now contains statistics for number of downloads, number of files, most files ranking, and most downloads ranking. It still contains the usual list of files written by that author. For example, my author page:

Kerm Martian's Cemetech author profile

In addition, I have updated the Archive statistics page to display the top ten authors in file ranking and download ranking. I converted all the author names and file titles to direct links for easier access. You can see these new changes here:
Cemetech Archives :: Statistics