Doors CS 6: GStack Progress
Published by KermMartian 18 years, 3 months ago (2006-01-09T19:01:30+00:00) | Discuss this article

I have been doing some more thinking for the GUIStack, the component of Doors CS 6 that will hopefully allow programs to have a more uniform feel and better, more stable features using less RAM. I have sketched some ideas for the Open... and Save As... dialog boxes.

Projected GStack open file ( openFile() ) template:

Projected GStack save file ( saveFile() ) template:

dputs() shall be the built-in vputs and puts replacement routine, since apps cannot use vputs and puts. I'll also make it available to ASM programs as a bcall. It is going to use 5 font sets, two explicit parameters, and two implicit parameters:
a = fontset
hl = ptr to 0-terminated string
pencol, penrow = coordinates of top left

Font Set 1: Regular Graphscreen
Font Set 2: Regular Homescreen

Font Set 4: 3x3 Graphscreen

Font Set 5: 4x3 Graphscreen